English Dynamics has put together 18 years of experience in successfully teaching and advising professional people as well as students of all ages up to university. Beforehand, the founding members accumulated their skills in the cities of Dublin and London.

English Dynamics specialises in courses on site and personalised English language tuition catered for your corporate and individual needs. It believes that there is no place more authentic than where the language is used most.

Students are individuals and they learn better when they are treated and respected as such.
Teachers who work with us are all native English speakers and have the appropriate qualifications and experience.

English Dynamics highly recommends that students travel to Britain or Ireland to practise their knowledge of the English language.

English Dynamics is also a recognised centre for the International Professional English Certificates.
English Dynamics can:
  • Test and analyse your level of English.
  • Organise group and individual courses.
  • Manage your English training courses.
  • Prepare you for all globally recognised English examinations.
  • Give you advice on presentations and speeches at meetings, conferences or seminars.
  • Realise your projects to be published in English.
  • Help you with all correspondences whether they are formal or informal.
  • Translate general or technical texts into English.
  • Provide you with translations into other languages.
  • Discuss general, legal and/or financial arguments in English.
  • Arrange for study solutions abroad.
  • Carry out specialised intensive training.
  • Edit all your daily correspondences in English.
  • Send you an English newspaper article each working day.
  • Gently introduce and nurture children from an early age to grasp the English language.
  • 1. Writing and speaking = production NOT deduction
  • 2. Reading and listening = useful NOT handful
  • 3. Grammar = dynamic NOT pedantic
  • 4. Vocabulary = visual NOT verbal
English Dynamics believes that songs are very useful for students learning and

Quality songs with simple sentence structures and melodic tunes help
the student to remember what they listen to in English.

It is not unusual for our teachers to introduce a guitar during a lesson and
encourage students to participate in a “sing-a-long” !
1. This summer Study and Course Solutions are happy to invite you for an unforgettable experience in Rush,a beautiful coastal Dublin suburb,just a stone's throw away from the city centre and Dublin airport.
The beautiful and secure setting provides a perfect meeting point for our younger students to study, play and build friendships with other students as well as the local people.
Our English language teachers are highly qualified and experienced. EVENTS For more info contact: info4endy@gmail.com

2. Every week, you can catch an original English language film in Milan at: CINEMA
3. On 17th March, it is St. Patrick's Day.
St. Patrick's Day Did you know that St. Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans?
4. St. George's Day is on 23rd April..
He is the patron saint in 20 countries including England.
Famous people with this name include; George Harrison, George Bernard Shaw and George Washington.

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Where we are:

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20144 Milan Italy

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